Upcoming Events

LA Research Symposium

Boulder, Colo.
October 18, 2019

International LA Conference

Boulder, Colo.
October 19-21, 2019

Recent Events

Regional LA Workshops Spring 2019

International Conference

The Learning Assistant Alliance and the University of Colorado Boulder LA Program host an annual conference in Boulder, Colorado, in late October or early November. The conference brings together new and mature programs to share ideas and experiences. Beginner and advanced user sessions are available. Registration opens in June each year, with an email announcement to all Alliance members. Conference attendance is limited and fills up fast.

Representative sessions from recent conferences include:

Essential Elements Ways to Use LAs Supporting Faculty
Building, Scaling, and Sustaining LA Pedagogy Course Content Preparation Sessions
Evaluating Your Course Innovations and Program Learning About STEM Student Outcomes Assessment System LA Campus Program Management System

Regional Workshops

Regional workshops are typically offered in the spring and summer, at universities throughout the United States. Topics covered are similar to those at the International Conference, but local specializations are highlighted.

Site Visits

You can request a site visit by emailing the Leadership Council and describing your specific needs and contexts. Virtual and in-person site visits are available. LAgents close to you or familiar with your context and issues can help you address your needs.