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Five questions for Laurel Hartley

President's Teaching Scholar achieves student success on multiple fronts

From CU Connections

The daughter of two teachers, young Laurel Hartley looked forward to annual summer trips with her parents to national parks across the country.

"I spent so much time outdoors that I started to think a lot about biodiversity and ecology," Hartley said. "I never considered that it could be a career until college when I took my first ecology course. I was an English major, but I took Biology for majors instead of Biology for non-majors because I wanted to take a class with my friends. I found I really liked it. As a junior in college, I did a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates experience. I found I really liked doing research. That led me to an internship doing research at the Natural History Museum in London and then to graduate school at Colorado State University. I didn't chart a specific career path, I just applied for every interesting opportunity."

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