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Learning About STEM Student Outcomes (LASSO) Update

LASSO now hosts 32 instruments across the STEM disciplines. LASSO has been shown to produce student participation and performance that is equivalent to in-class assessment (Nissen et al., 2018).

Whether you administered your pretest using LASSO, ScanTron, or skipped it all together, you can use LASSO to administer your posttest. The data upload tool will still allow you to upload any existing data you have and visualize it along with the rest of your data collected on LASSO. To support inclusive teaching, LASSO follows accessibility best practices to ensure optimal processing of hosted assessments by screen readers. LASSO also offers a number of new tools to support researchers as well as instrument developers.

For more information about LASSO, visit it directly or contact us.


The LASSO team

Ben Van Dusen, Jayson Nissen, Ian Her Many Horses, and Manher Jariwala