International LA Conference 2022 (ILAC): November 11-13, 2022

The Learning Assistant Alliance (LAA) is excited to host ILAC in-person again after 2 years of virtual conferences. More information regarding workshop topics and registration can be found here

  • Where: in-person at the University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, CO)
  • When: November 11-13, 2022
  • More Information: ILAC 2022 Website
  • Questions/Comments/Concerns: Email 

LAA E-series: LA Model Foundations

This series of virtual workshops is intended for those unfamiliar with the LA model or who may be interested in starting an LA program. Those who are familiar with the LA model are welcome to participate, and it can be helpful to bring a colleague with you who is new to the model.

There are two pathways, one for LA program coordinators/directors and one for faculty. After completing the series, participants will be well-versed in the essential elements of the LA model, including the weekly prep sessions and pedagogy course, will understand the resources and benefits of being a member of the LA Alliance, and will have a strong foundation to start, develop, and grow their own LA program. See below the sessions that are included in each strand and where to find more information. 

LA Program Coordinators

  • Essential Elements of the LA Model
  • LA Program Logistics
  • What is the LA Pedagogy Course? 


  • Essential Elements of the LA Model
  • Transforming your Course with LAs
  • What is the Weekly Prep Session?

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Regional LA Workshops

Regional Workshops are typically offered in the spring and summer, at colleges and universities with existing LA Programs. Regional Workshops provide the opportunity to bring together a smaller group of participants (~50) while at the same time reducing potential travel constraints by offering workshops in different regions of the country/world and at different times of the year.

Topics included in Regional Workshops are similar to those at the International LA Conference, with local specializations highlighted. Standard Regional Workshops include core sessions focused on LA model elements (integrating LAs into courses, weekly preparation sessions, LA pedagogy course), research and assessment, as well as information about starting, sustaining, and scaling LA Programs.

In addition to this core, many standard Regional Workshops feature sessions related to specific theme(s). Some Regional Workshops are focused solely on a specialized theme and do not include standard sessions; in these cases, this is communicated in the workshop description.

Interested in hosting a Regional LA Workshop in the next 1-3 years? Submit a Host Interest form