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A Message to the LA Alliance Community

Dear LA Alliance Members,

Many of you have learned to use undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) to help create more inclusive classroom environments. It is now time to transition to using LAs in online, collaborative contexts. An emerging goal of the LA Alliance is to continue to help our students maintain a strong sense of well-being while immersing themselves in remote, disciplinary activities and class communities. LAs can help. The LA Alliance will continue to post materials and support for using LAs to help you maintain high-quality instructional models. We will also continue to support your LA pedagogy course instruction as it transitions to helping LAs build skills to assist you in your online adventures and helping LAs provide ongoing support for your students during this difficult time.

Tips for Success:

  • Rely on LAs to help you.
  • Remember that LAs are a part of your instructional team.
  • Be vulnerable; they understand what you are going through.
  • Let LAs be vulnerable; they understand what students are going through.
  • Listen to LAs. They have critical understandings of the student experience.
  • Trust LAs to help you and your students. They are very skilled in this area.

Thank you for the care you have taken to maintain high-quality instruction. We will work together as a community to ensure that good ideas are posted regularly. Do not hesitate to reach out to colleagues and the LA Alliance for help or to provide solutions. Everyone is slightly overwhelmed, but our efforts to help one another will help us meet our collective goals.

LAA Management and Resources Team